Apple "Springs Forward" with Watch Launch

The Apple Watch is expected to take center stage at Apple's "Spring Forward" event today. Credit: Reuters

The Apple Watch is expected to take center stage at Apple's "Spring Forward" event today. Credit: Reuters

Good morning. It's Monday, March 9th.

Here's what you should know today:

The Apple Watch will take center stage at Apple's media event in San Francisco today. The company is expected to release more details about the device, including the price and launch date.

Good morning, I hope your week is getting off to a great start. The snow is finally melting, our clocks have been adjusted, and it's time for Apple's "Spring Forward" event. Here’s a last-minute roundup of everything we expect to hear at the Apple event in San Francisco today.

Tech Specs and Battery Life

One of the biggest unknowns about the Apple Watch is how long the battery will last. Apple has said the device should last "about a day" under "normal use" — so it's really anyone's guess at this point.

What is clear is that you probably won't be able to wear the watch all day and then keep it on to track your sleep over night. It will likely need to be plugged in alongside your phone every day. Expect Apple to give more specifics and talk about power-saving settings today.

Price and Availability

When Apple first previewed the smart watch back in September, they were scarce on details about price and availability. Some rumors suggest the 18-karat gold 'Edition' model could retail for as much as $10,000.

We know that Apple Watch will be available in three collections (Watch, Sport and Edition) and that the least expensive of the three, Apple Watch Sport, will start at $349—and presumably go up quickly from there.

We also don’t know when the watch will actually go on sale. 

Earlier this year, Tim Cook told investors that the company was still on track for “an April release.” The Apple Store website is down this morning, hinting that Apple will have new products ready to order when it comes back online later today.


It may sound cynical, but perhaps the biggest challenge Apple has today is to explain to the world why we need a smart watch. The smart watch market hasn't exactly taken off yet, and for a lot of people, there really isn't a compelling reason to buy one.

Live Stream

Apple will broadcast the event live on their website ( today starting at 1 pm EST. A number of tech websites will have journalists in the audience, and you can follow their minute-by-minute updates at the links below.

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