Apple is Pushing to Release an Electric Car in 5 Years

Apple's CarPlay integrates iOS into your car's dashboard system. Credit: Apple

Apple's CarPlay integrates iOS into your car's dashboard system. Credit: Apple

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What started as a just another hard-to-believe Apple rumor is suddenly hard to ignore: Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal confirm Apple is planning to have an electric car by 2020.

Good morning friends and readers. Happy Friday! Bloomberg is reporting that Apple plans to have an electric car on the market by 2020.

The report adds to the growing number of claims that Apple is serious about getting into the automotive industry. Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is recruiting hundreds of engineers to work on an electric car project.

Pushing to have a car ready to go in five years would be a challenge, even for Apple. Bloomberg notes that the average development cycle for a new car is typically five to seven years — and that’s for seasoned auto companies, some of which have over 100 years of experience building cars.

But the timing could be critical if Apple wants to be a serious competitor in the electric car space. Google, Mercedes-Benz and others are working on autonomous “self-driving” cars that could be on the road as soon as 2020. Telsa Motors and GM have confirmed they will both have affordable (sub-$40,000) fully electric cars for sale in the next two to three years.

Earlier this month, people began spotting a mini-van driving around San Francisco with a mysterious camera apparatus mounted on top. The van, which is leased to Apple, is believed to be collecting information for Apple Maps, but could also be the very early stages of an Apple car proto-type. 

Apple made its first move into the auto space in 2013 when it announced CarPlay, an iOS-based dashboard system that allows drivers to seamlessly sync their iPhone to their car.

What do you think? There’s certainly enough credible sources to believe Apple is headed in this direction, but the idea of an Apple car (especially on the road in five years) still seems like a crazy rumor to me. You can let me know your thoughts on the tech/today Facebook page.

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